Playing roulette in the top 10 Canadian online casinos

Playing roulette in the top 10 Canadian online casinos

There are multiple talents and fields one can venture into at leisure. One is the field of sport, and the other is the casino business. Casino in Canada is a platform that has lots of Canadians rich, particularly the ones in their A games. The beautiful thing about operating the best online casino is that there are many advantages associated with it and one can gain a whole lot from playing casino games.

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Probably, there is no more exciting game in the world than roulette. Some Canadian casino reviews say that everything here depends on banal luck, and the level of risk of loss goes off the scale. Nevertheless, statistics show that at least every second visitor to an online casino always plays roulette. That’s why this game is available on every gambling website. Many casinos, to surprise their customers, offer several types of roulette. Even classical roulette has several variations.

The only thing that can be advised to gambling people is to give preference only to the top casino sites and the best software from the world-famous developers to receive only positive emotions from roulette.

Features of European roulette with track

This kind of roulette was born in a traditional game room, in which the player was allowed to guess the sector where the ball eventually stops. The track, in this case, was considered a special field with numbers, located on the gaming table. The track consists of 4 fields, each of which has its own name:

  • Zero
  • Series
  • Orphans
  • Series 5/8

In European roulette, the player is allowed to place five chips on any sector of the track. This bet, in fact, covers the selected number and the four that are next to it.

What is roulette without zero?

Unlike the classical European roulette, roulette without zero doesn’t have the Zero factor on the playing field. Thus, the advantage of the canadian casino sites disappears, and the client’s chances of winning slightly increase. For example, if you bet on even/odd or black/red, then the probability of winning will be 50% since the ball can no longer reach 0. What is good for the casino then? When playing roulette without zero, each player must pay the commission to the establishment. Its size is set individually for each table and depends on the minimum and maximum limit. Sometimes it can be 5 cents, and sometimes it can be 5 dollars (for VIP clients playing for large amounts).

The casino review says that in a regular European roulette, the ball stops on the Zero sector on average once during 27 rounds. In this case, of course, there is a long series of games. That is, it turns out that every 27 rounds, all the players lose, and the winnings go exclusively to the casino.

Roulette with prompts

Prompts based on statistical data and calculations can sometimes significantly simplify the process of playing roulette, but they are available only in a certain version of the game, which is called roulette with prompts.

Once the game has started in the top casino, a special wheel appears on the screen to manage the betting table and buttons. Pop-up virtual prompts help the player make bets more profitable for him. To read the prompt, you just need to point at it with the cursor. Clicking on the leftmost button will reveal detailed statistics of previous rounds – how many times the ball stopped on red and black, how many times a certain number fell out, etc. A diagram is also available that shows the frequency of the ball hit on each of the sectors of the playing field.

The casino review states that using the right button, you can turn off animation effects. Thus, you will not see the process of spinning the wheel and shorten the playing time. In addition, this button activates the virtual prompts.

On the control panel, you can see a few more buttons. The Clear button removes absolutely all bets from the table, and the Undo button deletes the last chip from the betting table, respectively. The Repeat button places the chips in exactly the same way as you did in the previous round. To start the wheel, there is a special button, which is called Start.

Each roulette table in top online casinos has a certain maximum and minimum bet limit. To learn it, as a rule, you just need to click on the table, which is in the lower right corner of the screen. You can also see the tables of possible payouts. By the way, in roulette with prompts, the payout odds are exactly the same as in the European roulette.

Features of the card roulette

In this very original version of the roulette, numbers are replaced with playing cards, located on the playing field by seniority. They are also distinguished in color (red/black) and in four suits. Another fascinating thing about the game in top Canadian casinos is the fact that you can win here also on the principles of poker in addition to the rules of the classical roulette. That is, you can bet on the suit, color, some particular card, and also collect poker combinations in a few moves, for which the winnings will also be paid, with a very solid coefficient.

The card roulette uses a deck of 52 cards. The joker here replaces any card at the player’s will. The game begins with the fact that the dealer will give you five cards, from which you will have to choose only one. You win in top Canadian casinos if the ball stops in the end on it.

In the card roulette, there are a lot of variations, both more or less standard, as well as poker variants, which are not usual for roulette. Standard variations include a bet on a certain suit, a bet for 2 cards placed nearby, a bet for 4 cards of the same value, a bet on a joker and 2 deuces, a bet of 50/50, etc. Poker variations include of a Kind, 4 of a Kind, Full House, Royal Flush, Jacks or Better, etc.

Letter roulette

As you could already guess, in this kind of roulette, numbers are replaced with letters of the alphabet, which consists of 26 letters. In roulette in top casinos in Canada, they are divided into groups, for each of which a certain payout ratio is set. You can familiarize with them by clicking on the table near the reel.

There are several types of bets in the letter roulette. Here are them in more detail:

  • Straight up – a bet on a specific letter. The payout odds are 23 to 1.
  • Split – a bet on two letters adjacent to each other horizontally (11: 1).
  • Color – a bet on 4 letters of the same color (there are six of them). According to online casino reviews, the payout odds are more modest than in the first two cases and is equal to 5: 1.
  • Six letters – it’s not hard to guess that this bet is 6 letters (3: 1).
  • Odd/even – a bet on even/odd, the fact is that each letter of the roulette is assigned its own number. The payout odds are 1: 1.
  • A to L/M to X – an analog of the bet on small and large numbers in the classical types of roulette (1: 1). Perhaps you are thinking about where the letters Y and Z are. In the letter roulette they play the role of a kind of zero, that is, if one of these letters falls out, the player will lose his money if he bet on another letter or bet on an equal chance. At the same time, you can bet on Y/Z in top Canadian online casinos with payout odds of 23: 1.
  • Va Bank – a very interesting bet – on the letters that are in the Va Bank word (v, a, b, n, k) (4: 1 for each letter).
  • Casino – the bet is almost identical to the previous one, only for 6 letters, which are in the word casino (3: 1 for each letter).
  • Repeat – a bet that on a certain symbol the ball will stop two times in a row (25: 1).
  • 2nd Time is a triple bet and the payout odds, in this case, are very tempting and equal to 625: 1.
  • 3rd Time is the riskiest bet with the highest payout odds of 10,000: 1. But, in order to win such a jackpot in the top Canadian online casino, it is necessary that the ball stopped on the same letter 4 times.